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I love making videos. Some are funny, some are serious, and all of them are masterpieces (my mom said so, and she has no reason to lie).

If you would like to partner up with me and invent a hand-crafted video, for your brand or for an event you are involved in, hit the button above to start the process of visual awesomeness that will take your message and propel it into the stratosphere.

It's proven that video can help give you the edge over those jabroneys who call themselves your competition. And let's face it, with the current digital world we live in, there's no excuse not to dip your toe into the exciting world of video and visual branding.

Even if you are intimidated by the idea of a video, just be brave and hit the button. We will chat through your vision, spice it up with some of my ideas and then together we will come up with something that will excite you, I promise.

Need more convincing? Head on over to my YouTube channel and browse the ever expanding archive of videos.

Me versus Arundel Castle

There's nothing I enjoy more than  losing my expensive drone and being covered tip to taint in thorns and nettle stings . Come enjoy my misery. I give you full permission to laugh. Check out this Kris Adams TV Animation.


FIFA World Cup 2018 Animation

Did you do a Sweepstakes for the  FIFA World Cup 2018 ? It's actually a good way to get me invested in football, apparently. Check out this Kris Adams TV Animation.


Bridge Over Nowhere

The Ouse Valley Viaduct, or  Balcombe Viaduct  to its friends, makes an appearance in this Kris Adams TV Short.